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Friends of WHO?

The Santee Library!

Friends of Santee Library is located in Santee, CA.

The Friends of Santee Library (FOSL) supports the Santee Community Library by encouraging literacy, lifelong learning, and the love of reading; enhancing the Library's resources to increase the community's access to information and knowledge; and provide a vibrant cultural gathering place.

This particular Friends of the Library chapter is well known for The Friendly Used Book Store. Established in 1993, the store is a success both online, with an Amazon Store Front, and a physical location at 9225 Carlton Hills. The proceeds from the book store help the Santee Library, funding programs and events, and the purchase of materials, books, and technological tools used for education and development. Ozobots are one of the more recent tech additions to the Library, thanks to FOSL. FOSL is currently establishing fundraising projects to fund a New Santee Library Building.

How does Friends of Santee Library operate and thrive?

Glad you asked.

The Friends of Santee Library is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation, established to support the Santee Branch Library and the San Diego County Library System.

FOSL and the Friendly Used Book Store thrive through volunteer efforts and support from the community.

These efforts include:

  • Donations, from the community, which provide inventory for The Friendly Used Book Store. (see donation information)

  • Volunteers who operate the store, sort through donations, answer phone calls, questions and handle sales. Volunteers with talents and skills that can help FOSL in other ways are also welcome.

  • Community engagement through social media and the FOSL website. See links below.

  • Word of mouth referral for both the library and book store.

FOSL, The Friendly Used Book Store, and the Santee Library collectively and synergistically benefit the Santee Community. We welcome all who are interested in joining us as FOSL members, volunteers, patrons and neighbors. You can find more information on our website,

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