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Mission Statement:
To support the Santee Library as it strives to encourage literacy, lifelong learning, and the love of reading throughout our diverse community; to enhance the Library's resources, which will increase the community's access to information and knowledge; and provide a vibrant cultural gather place.

The Friends of Santee Library is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation, established to support the Santee Branch  Library and the San Diego County Library System.

In July 1975, a group of Santee citizens met to form Friends of the Santee Library. The aim and purpose of the organization would be to work to establish full awareness and appreciation of the Santee Library as a community center of learning, growth, and pleasure. Together with the library staff, the Friends would encourage on going input of community needs; assist with tangible gifts and programs that the regular budget could not provide; foster a closer relationship between the Santee Community and its library.


From the beginning, the Friends fulfilled and are continuing to fulfill their aim and purpose. Their first fundraiser was a sidewalk book sale held at the Santee United Methodist Church. In later years, labor intense annual book sales were held in front of the library. The Friends began talking of a “book store.” On Dec. 14, 1993, the Friends opened the Friendly Used Book Store. The book store is an unqualified success earning thousands of dollars which are donated to the library. The Friends of Santee Library volunteers give time and energy to aid the Santee Branch Library. They are the library’s advocates for keeping the new library building a viable project.

About Us

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